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Who We Are

The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a crisis in many industries

Due to the restrictions on movement, many industries have suffered, including tourist, transport or gastronomic. People were losing jobs and future prospects, etShops was created in order to prevent the tragedy of people who lost the opportunity to live a normal life. For this purpose, we gave up our free time in order to create a modern sales platform that would fit into the new image of reality. Let's build a better future together.

Our values

The best solutions require the greatest commitment

profit maximization

Software geared for maximum profit

Our software simplifies your daily store operations.

the fastest e-commerce platform

The fastest possible platform for your business

Stay ahead of the competition. Bet on performance and state-of-the-art proven solutions.

saving time

Save time and complete your own tasks.

A number of mass actions ensure that you get things done quickly so that you can focus on business.

Happy Clients

Established stores

Hour support



Features and designs created with e-commerce in mind


Mass actions

Template switch

A comprehensive importer of products

Dedicated styles and scripts

Multilingual support

SEO settings

Extensive customization options

Choose your template from our modern, unique, ready-made solutions.


A classic motif, characterized by elegance and simplicity. Classic has a slide-out side menu with navigation through all product categories. It is ideal for very large product catalogs.


Zay is a stylish, designer theme tailored to the requirements of almost any client. Designed using best practices. It provides a very convenient way to browse your entire offerings in a neat minimalist interface.

We take care of your site's promotional opportunities with specially designed widgets such as:

Product Slider

Adds a slider with selected products to the top of the homepage. This will increase interest in specific products for a wide audience.

Selected categories

Allows you to promote selected categories by displaying them on the homepage. Thanks to that they are displayed more often by users.

If you need even more personalization options we give you tools that give you unlimited possibilities!

Custom styles

Change the look of every element on the page with custom styles. We make sure that our styles contain as few absolute styles as possible to make styling the site as pleasant as possible.

Custom scripts

Add your own scripts to modify the operation of the site. You can also use plugins for live customer communication or Google Analytics.


All you need for sale online


A modern, failure-free system

The applied modern solutions ensure reliability and increase the efficiency of websites.

Strong emphasis on comfort of use

The store and the administration panel are fully responsive, and the work with the panel is dynamic and comfortable.

System updates always included

We provide system updates to the latest versions.

Close long-term partnership relationship

We care about good relations with our clients.

Unparalleled flexibility in platform configuration

We have the ability to personalize the store according to your needs.

No hidden fees or micropayments

The prices of packages and additional services are always clearly specified on the website. We don't add any hidden fees, subscriptions or micropayments.


See what else we can do for you

Connecting your own domain

For each new store, the service is provided for free. Each subsequent change of domain costs 50 PLN net.

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Dedicated template

We allow you to order a dedicated template for your store. The ordered template will be compliant with etStandards, RWD and W3C. It will be tested on all the most popular browsers. When you agree to share it with other etShops users you will be offered a good discount.

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Removing the etShops logo

We can erase traces of site authorship from places like the site footer, invoices, panel login page, and also from the panel. We will also add the ability to put your own information into the footer and put your own logo into the panel. Cost of the service 300 PLN gross.

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Error elimination

After a user reports an error, we will evaluate whether the error is caused by a platform fault or user intervention. We will inform the user what the cause of the error is. If it is a platform fault, we will fix the problem as part of the service. If the error is caused by the user's action the error correction will cost 100 PLN gross per hour.

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Professional SEO audit

We will perform a complete SEO audit for you. After finding any problems, we will prepare an appropriate report. We will then agree on the elements that need to be corrected, and after accepting the changes, we will carry them out for your store. The cost of the service is 900 PLN net.

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Help with configuration

In case of problems with the configuration of a store there is a possibility to use the experience of our employee. He will help you to deal with the proper configuration of the panel. The service is charged at 100 PLN net per hour.

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Check our pricing


PLN69/ mo
  • 1 store administrators
  • 1.000 products
  • Modern photo format
  • Photos in resolution HD
  • Technical support
  • Responsive graphic template
  • SSL certificate
  • Storage space 1GB
  • Terms & Privacy consistent with RODO


PLN99/ mo
  • 5 store administrators
  • 30.000 products
  • Modern photo format
  • Photos in resolution HD
  • Technical support
  • Responsive graphic template
  • SSL certificate
  • Storage space 5GB
  • Terms & Privacy consistent with RODO


PLN149/ mo
  • 20 store administrators
  • 100.000 products
  • Modern photo format
  • Photos in resolution FHD
  • Priority Technical support
  • Responsive graphic template
  • SSL certificate
  • Storage space 20GB
  • Terms & Privacy consistent with RODO


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes subscription is the only required cost to run a store. However, there are various additional services: work for the client (agreed individually), additional imports during the day or other additional services beyond the selected plan.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time during the subscription period as long as you switch from a lower plan to a higher plan.

A custom domain is possible to hook up to the store, but customer support contact is required.

Customer support is available 24/7, however, depending on the time of the question you ask us, response time may vary.

The store has various mechanisms with the help of which you can personalize the look and behavior of the store. From headers for positioning, to highlighting specific products, to custom scripts and styles with which you can adjust each element on the page.

The platform will evolve according to the needs of our customers and developments in the e-commerce market. We will gradually add new payment systems, shipping methods, as well as implement future sales trends such as deferred payment or long-term rental, depending on customer interest and needs.


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What they are saying about us

If you want to set up your own online store, then I sincerely recommend using the services of etShops. The company can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of even the most demanding customers. The services offered by etShops will make your online store easy and intuitive to use. In addition, professional approach to customers, timeliness and above all great contact. With a clear conscience I highly recommend etShops!

Iwona Zając

Iwona Zając

Web Designer, UI Specialist

With etShops services, you can easily and effortlessly set up your own online store. For the most demanding customers, etShops has a huge range of solutions for every need. Intuition and ease of use make navigating through the online store convenient. etShops values punctuality, good contact and customer service, which makes this company professional. I highly recommend etShops, it will definitely be one of the best choices in your life.

Alicja Żyła

Alicja Żyła

Software tester from Vulcan


Our hard working team

Tomasz Piwowarski

Tomasz Piwowarski

Co-founder of etShops, lead Developer

Experienced programmer, expert in new technologies.
Open-Minded manager with very experience in managing task.

Emil Dworniczak

Emil Dworniczak

Co-founder of etShops, lead DevOps

Programmer with multi-year experience in E-commerce.
Experience in managing distributed applications.


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